Thinking about Relocating!

Relocating to Singapore and looking for help? Here are some small quick things you need to consider before your big move over to this little jewel in Asia.

1) You and Who?
Bringing your spouse, kids, and parents? Coming alone but expecting visitors — are they the sort who need a full guest room, a sofa bed, or just an air mattress? Travelling with your pet, or expecting to find one here? These are all things covered in Tenancy Agreements in Singapore, and because short-term lets under 3 months is illegal in Singapore, your landlord will want to know who the expected occupants are.

2) Bigger or better?
A unique feature of real estate in Singapore is how newer homes tend to be smaller — and these can be a lot smaller! Indicating a preference for having four bedrooms isn’t enough, because this can easily range from 1200sqf and go over 5000sqf. But if budget isn’t an issue for you, then you’ll have the best of both worlds 😉

3) What’s your lifestyle?
Introvert, extrovert, people-watcher, wallflower… Do you want to be far from the madding crowd, get right in the hustle and bustle of things, or stay just beside it? The most popular area for single expats in Singapore is River Valley, and while many eventually move away to family enclaves near schools like Tanglin, Greenmead, and up to Woodlands, just as many stay on to find bigger units in the area! 

4) How do you ride?
Horseback? Just kidding, our technology is pretty advanced here – although Singapore does have nice and accessible horse-riding facilities for enthusiasts! The otherwise limited space we have in Singapore does mean that both cars and parking spaces come at a premium. If you’re a motorhead, you’ll want to make sure your home can accommodate your vehicles, because many homes only provide for one car lot. You could also choose to stay near the bus stops or the Mass Rapid Transit (or MRT as we call the train/tube/subway here) or the bus. Sometimes though, the cost of using Private Hire Driver apps might be less than the premium paid for homes closer to public transport facilities.

5) To use or not to use… an agent?
There’s going to be self-interest here, but we’ll be upfront. Generally, you have to pay to hire an agent for rentals under $3500. Anything over, and your agent will likely be able to bill the landlord for their fees. You can negotiate your own deal with your agent, offering a certain amount for their services, and protect yourself by hiring an expert with experience to represent your interests in a tenancy. Remember, an agent’s role is to serve the interests of their client, so it’s always best to have one on your side!

Of course, The Property Porters promises to do right by you. Whether childcare, schools, or specific amenities (we’ve met folks dedicated to certain fitness centres!) are of concern to you, we promise we’ll have some insight to help you along.

We’ll shortlist the best homes for you, schedule visits around your availability, pick you up and bring you to viewings, ensure your tenancy agreement is legally compliant and in your interest, and we do up a property condition report, too! Plus we’re also extremely well-equipped to help with all your property management needs even after you begin your lease – be it anything from interior design to pest management. 

If you’re ready, create a profile here so we can take you on a little tour of Singapore as you find your perfect home!


The Property Porters are real estate agents who endeavour to make property matters a breeze for you.

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