Q2 Top Investment Projects Below $2M

Fresh off the stove for Q2 2023! Discover the top real estate investment opportunities hand picked for Q2 2023 that’s priced below $2m. From luxury condos to very well-priced developments island-wide, we’ve selected the best projects with the highest margin of safety, rentability and growth potential. PM us to learn more and see these bestContinue reading “Q2 Top Investment Projects Below $2M”

Another Round of Cooling Measures

What’s happening? Another round of cooling measures was announced last night. Are you one of those affected by the news and wondering how this is going to impact the market? Have your investment plans been shaken by this? Fret not, and let us share with you why this is a necessary step for the marketContinue reading “Another Round of Cooling Measures”

33 Projects Facing 2023 ABSD Deadline

Is there a way to filter through the noise and find a good property investment deal? Well, this is one method that I use to spot potential deals for my clients and it’s called “The Developer’s ABSD effect.” If you enjoy hunting down a good deal too, PM me to find out which are theContinue reading “33 Projects Facing 2023 ABSD Deadline”

URA Harmonisation of Floor Area: How Will This Affect Prices Moving Forward?

Did you know that effective from 1st June 2023, URA’s policy of “Floor Area Harmonisation” will reduce the nett saleable area for new launches and lead to higher costs for a developer? With already thin profit margins currently, developers have 3 main levers to maintain a reasonable risk to reward ratio of taking on newContinue reading “URA Harmonisation of Floor Area: How Will This Affect Prices Moving Forward?”

Should I Buy a Brand New Or Nearing T.O.P. Property?

A common question I get from my friends and family is whether going for a brand new launch with a 4-5 years waiting period or buying a property that is nearing TOP is a better option. Would it make a difference to their investment returns, who is better suited to each approach and what areContinue reading “Should I Buy a Brand New Or Nearing T.O.P. Property?”

When Is The Best Time To Cash Out Of A 99 Years Leasehold Property?

99 years leasehold properties make up the majority of properties that are transacted annually, whether they are private homes or HDB flats. With many leasehold homes now in their twenties and thirties, have they passed their peak growth years? Find out more from us about when is the best time to cash out on aContinue reading “When Is The Best Time To Cash Out Of A 99 Years Leasehold Property?”

Upcoming 2023 T.O.P. Properties For Immediate Occupation

As more properties attain their TOP permits this year, where can you look if you are searching for a home to move into in 2023? At NAVIS research, we have combed through the market, even as far as 2024, to filter through island-wide projects that are likely to complete this year. Find out from usContinue reading “Upcoming 2023 T.O.P. Properties For Immediate Occupation”

Why Investors Should Consider New Launches In Today’s Market

Despite current market headwinds, there are certain pockets of the real estate market that stand to benefit from certain signals in the market. Find out what NAVIS research sees about new launches in 2023 and why this segment should be on all investors’ watchlist. PM us for more info! #PropertyWealthPlanning #Navis #ThePropertyPorters Data Driven. Pure Facts. No Hype.Continue reading “Why Investors Should Consider New Launches In Today’s Market”

How To Turn Your HDB Into An Income-Generating Asset

Are you worried about the rising inflation and how it will affect your retirement plans? Having more than 1 stream of income is an important factor towards building financial resilience in our life and it ultimately adds to a higher certainty of achieving financial freedom. For many Singaporeans and PRs who live in a HDBContinue reading “How To Turn Your HDB Into An Income-Generating Asset”

2022 Brand New Homes For Immediate Occupation

Our latest list of brand new and ready to move in homes available is out! If you’re searching for a property for immediate occupation or good rental returns, speed up your search with our curated list of must see new properties that will allow you to either move in right away or enjoy immediate rentalContinue reading “2022 Brand New Homes For Immediate Occupation”