Will Rising Interest Rates Cause a Correction in the Property Market?

With the recent news about interest rate hikes, some of you may be wondering….how are rising interest rates likely to impact property prices? Many friends have been asking me whether the rising interest rates environment will cause a correction in the property market. Some are wondering whether they should upgrade and invest now or toContinue reading “Will Rising Interest Rates Cause a Correction in the Property Market?”

Are Resale Properties a Better Buy Than New Launches Today?

A common question I’ve been getting from my friends and clients recently is whether to buy a new launch from a property developer or to buy a resale property in the secondary market. A home is as much an investment as it is a place of retreat, hence apart from evaluating it as an investmentContinue reading “Are Resale Properties a Better Buy Than New Launches Today?”

Interest Rate Hikes 2022

With the 1st round of interest rate hike last month and several more expected for the rest of 2022, many more friends are starting to ask about whether the time is ripe to refinance their mortgage loans. Which loan packages are most suitable for your near term goals and what criteria should you be consideringContinue reading “Interest Rate Hikes 2022”

Is a Buy-and-Hold Strategy Wise for 99y Leasehold Properties?

We have often heard that property investment is for the long term and holding it over a long period of time results in greater capital appreciation. However, is a buy and hold strategy really the wisest method for 99-years leasehold properties? What if there were a better approach that would make your money work harderContinue reading “Is a Buy-and-Hold Strategy Wise for 99y Leasehold Properties?”

High Growth Potential Projects in the East (Q2 2022)

Historically one of the top volume and highly sought after districts in Singapore, the East Coast of District 15 and 16 is going through a current period of very low supply of new homes inventory, and witnessing all time highs in the resale market. At NAVIS Research, we observe that Q2 2022 opens up anContinue reading “High Growth Potential Projects in the East (Q2 2022)”

Property Market Historical Performance During Major Conflict Periods

With the current conflict unfolding in Ukraine, some investors have asked us about our views and how historically the property market has performed in major periods of conflict. NAVIS Research has collated some data for our investor clients based on the past major crises since 1990. PM us for a copy and to learn more.Continue reading “Property Market Historical Performance During Major Conflict Periods”

How to Turn Your HDB into an Income-Generating Asset

Having more than 1 stream of income is an important factor towards building financial resilience in our life and ultimately adds to a higher certainty of achieving financial freedom. For many Singaporeans and PRs who live in a HDB flat, it is possible to learn to how you can turn it into an income generatingContinue reading “How to Turn Your HDB into an Income-Generating Asset”

Is Holding on to Your HDB a Good Investment Decision?

Are you aspiring to upgrade to a private home or wondering if holding on to your HDB flat is a good long term investment decision? Our team has compiled an e-book to help you better understand the implications of doing so and hope it can help you analyze and arrive at a sound decision forContinue reading “Is Holding on to Your HDB a Good Investment Decision?”

List of Top Investment Properties 1H 2022

Dear friends, Our team has combed through more than 150 projects in Singapore and filtered down a list of good and great buys across the island. If it interests you to check out our top investment choices for 1st Half of 2022, drop us a message so we can send it your way! It willContinue reading “List of Top Investment Properties 1H 2022”

Best Options Suitable For 1st Time Home Buyers

Dear friends! Do you know someone searching for their 1st property and would benefit from understanding the pros and cons of all their options? How can they determine their maximum affordability that would not put them in a stressful position? Is a condominium, landed property, strata landed or HDB resale flat a wiser choice? WhatContinue reading “Best Options Suitable For 1st Time Home Buyers”